About Personalized Car Interiors for Every Style

Elevate your driving experience with our new offering—customised car interiors designed to cater to your unique needs. From bespoke seat covers that redefine comfort to personalised door pads that exude sophistication, we craft a masterpiece that reflects your distinct style.

At Filmshopee, we understand that your car is an extension of your personality. Let our skilled artisans and creative minds collaborate to transform your vehicle into a personalised sanctuary, where every detail resonates with your taste and lifestyle. Experience the luxury of driving in a car that is uniquely yours, inside and out.


Crafting Your Dream Interior

Embark on a personalised interior transformation with our meticulous process:

Understanding Your Taste

 We begin by comprehending your style preferences. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest, we curate references that resonate with your unique taste.

Visualising the Design

Once your choices are aligned, we bring your vision to life with a 2D or 3D representation of your car’s interior, ensuring every detail is just as you imagined.

Material Selection with Live Swatch Book

 Delve into the tangible experience of selecting materials with our live swatch book, ensuring a hands-on and informed decision for every element of your interior design.

World-Class Product Procurement

 Partnering with top-tier manufacturers, we procure all materials to guarantee the highest quality, elevating your car’s interior to a standard of excellence.

Selecting Design as per the seat buckets

There are lots of deign to choose but through our knowledge we give right pattern selection which suits the buckets and car

Seamless Installation

Our skilled team ensures a flawless installation, bringing your personalised interior design to reality with precision and expertise.

Thorough Quality Check

Before your car leaves our care, we conduct a thorough check, ensuring every detail meets our stringent quality standards.

Swift and Secure Delivery

 Sit back and relax as we deliver your transformed car with its new, personalised interior directly to your doorstep.

Our Trusted Brands

Choose Excellence, Choose Filmshoppee

Discover the reasons why we stand out in the automotive industry:

Skilled Technicians

Entrust your vehicle to the hands of our skilled technicians, masters of their craft, dedicated to precision and perfection.

Extensive Experience

Benefit from our wealth of experience, gained through years of delivering exceptional automotive solutions. We understand the intricacies of every project.

World-Class Brand Association

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our association with world-class brands. Expect nothing less than excellence in every product and service we offer.

Colour Palette Expertise

Unleash the power of colour with our expert knowledge of colour palettes. Whether you seek vibrant or subdued tones, our team ensures a harmonious blend that suits your style.

At Filmshoppee, we redefine automotive excellence. Your satisfaction is not just our goal—it’s our commitment. Drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle is in the hands of experts who prioritise skill, experience, and world-class quality above all.

What People Say

At Filmshoppee, we value your experience and insights. Share your journey with us through our simple testimonial form:


I have taken services of car repaint & Paint Protection Film looking as new as brand new condition. Superb paint done by team Film Shoppee.

Ghanshyam Bathani


They are best for car & bike PPF, I like their, Professional work with a highly skilled team, professional work is neat & clean and meets my expectations, Filmshoppee will modify your cars like pros. All staff members are good 👍👍 Excellent customer service, the best place to facelift your beloved car. Highly recommended.

Anjali Sharma


Very good quality work with enough time period..staff is very co-operative and satisfying.. i have done my trailblazer cars convertible sunroof ….. They have given very professional workmanship.good service and support for car facelift.

Chittan bhatt