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Welcome to a world of endless possibilities for your car’s transformation! With over 500 shades to choose from, our colour change wraps offer a seamless upgrade without any harm to your original paint. Elevate your ride with our premium finishes, including Gloss, Matt, Satin, Chrome, Textured, and Color Change wraps. Explore the perfect blend of style and protection for your vehicle.

Elevate Your Ride with Exquisite Wrap Finishes

Gloss Wrap

Immerse your car in a radiant, mirror-like finish with our Gloss Wrap service. Elevate its allure with a sleek and polished appearance that captures attention on
every road.

Matt Wrap

Unleash an understated elegance with our Matt and Matt metallic Wrap service. Transform your vehicle into a sophisticated masterpiece, exuding a muted yet powerful presence on the streets.

Satin Wrap

Strike the perfect balance between gloss and matte with our Satin and satin metallic  Wrap service. Enjoy a smooth, silky finish that adds a touch of luxury to your car’s exterior, making it a standout on any journey.

Chrome Wrap

Embrace a bold and futuristic look with our Chrome and satin chrome Wrap service. Turn heads with a high-gloss, reflective surface that mirrors the modern edge of your dynamic personality.

Color Change Wrap

Unleash your creativity and redefine your car’s identity with our Color Change Wrap service. Select from over 500 vibrant shades, allowing you to customize your vehicle to match your mood, personality, or the latest trends. Transform your ride into a true reflection of you.

Textured Wrap

 Infuse personality and depth into your car’s appearance with our Textured Wrap service. Choose from a variety of textures to add a tactile dimension, making your vehicle a unique expression of your style.

Our Unmatched Benefits

Embark on a journey of unrivaled automotive metamorphosis with our transformative services, offering
a myriad of benefits that redefine your driving experience

Change Car Colour Safely

Bid farewell to concerns about damaging your car’s original paint. Our services allow you to change the colour of your vehicle without any harm, preserving its factory finish and ensuring a pristine look.

500+ Colors to Choose From

Indulge your imagination with an expansive palette of over 500 colours. Whether you crave a classic hue, a vibrant shade, or a custom creation, our extensive range ensures your car becomes a unique reflection of your style.

Efficiency in Every Stroke

 Say goodbye to lengthy paint jobs. Our services are designed for efficiency, ensuring a swift colour change without compromising on quality. Spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your newly transformed ride.

Painless Wrap Removal

Experience hassle-free transformations with our promise of no gum residue upon Wrap removal. Enjoy the flexibility to update your car’s appearance at your convenience, without any lingering adhesive inconveniences.

Revitalise your vehicle effortlessly, embracing a world of colour, efficiency, and convenience. Elevate your ride to
new heights with our pioneering automotive transformation services.

At Filmshoppee we believe to give great Experience to car Lovers

At FilmShoppe, we turn your car into a personalized masterpiece through a meticulous process:

Understanding Your Style

We delve into your personality and profession to guide your colour choices, ensuring a reflection of your individuality.

Expert Application

Trust our skilled professionals to apply the chosen colour flawlessly, bringing your vision to reality with precision and care.

Virtual Preview

Witness your vision come to life! We offer a 3D rendering of your car adorned in the selected colour, allowing you to visualise the transformation before it begins.

Comprehensive Checklist

 We follow a detailed checklist to ensure every aspect of the transformation is addressed, leaving no room for oversight.

Personalized References

We provide tailored references that harmonize with your car, ensuring the chosen colour complements its unique features.

Maintenance Guidance

 Post-transformation, we provide comprehensive maintenance guidance to preserve the vibrancy and longevity of your car’s new look. Experience a process tailored to your unique style, ensuring a transformation that exceeds expectations.

Efficient Procurement

Our seamless procurement process ensures that the selected colour is acquired promptly, keeping your transformation on schedule

Indulge in a transformative experience that goes beyond colour – it’s a reflection of you!

Unveiling Our Authorised Brand Partners

 Embark on a journey of quality and innovation with Filmhsoppe, proud partners of industry-leading brands:  
Discover the power of authorised excellence – where brands meet expertise, and your car receives nothing short of perfection.  

Why Choose Filmshoppee?

At Filmshoppee, we pride ourselves on being your premier choice for car wrapping. Here’s why discerning customers choose us:

Skilled and Trained Installer

Entrust your vehicle to our team of skilled technicians, masters of their craft. With precision and expertise, we turn your vision into reality.

Professional Tools and Consumables

Equipped with cutting-edge tools and consumables, our professionals use the latest technology to guarantee a flawless application. Your car deserves the finest, and we deliver.

Quality Products

We believe in delivering nothing but the best. Partnering with industry-leading brands, our commitment to quality ensures a finish that stands the test of time.

Choose Filmhsoppee – where skill meets quality, and your satisfaction takes center stage. Elevate your ride with us!

What People Say


I have taken services of car repaint & Paint Protection Film looking as new as brand new condition. Superb paint done by team Film Shoppee.

Ghanshyam Bathani


They are best for car & bike PPF, I like their, Professional work with a highly skilled team, professional work is neat & clean and meets my expectations, Filmshoppee will modify your cars like pros. All staff members are good 👍👍 Excellent customer service, the best place to facelift your beloved car. Highly recommended.

Anjali Sharma


Very good quality work with enough time period..staff is very co-operative and satisfying.. i have done my trailblazer cars convertible sunroof ….. They have given very professional workmanship.good service and support for car facelift.

Chittan bhatt