Who Are We? Our Story

“Filmshoppee” is a one stop solution to modify, customize, and give a unique look and feel to your car. We provide various services like Car Wrapping, Custom Interior, Sound Proofing, Auto Lighting, Car Detailing, High-end Audio, Car Restoration, Paint Protective Film, etc. 

With Highly skilled & dedicated team of experts, we are determined to serve you better and faster. Spacious workshop with ample parking slots and multiple bays with advanced technology to completely transform your car into the way you wanted, professionally.

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    Why Franchise with Filmshoppee?

    Filmshoppee is a trustworthy brand that delivers quality service, comprehensive training, dedication, and on-time support to its clients. The team is dedicated to facelifting the cars based on high-quality services and support with dedication. 

    We offer unique opportunities to diversify your portfolio. We are a reputed brand that elaborates the quality and necessity of our system to the entire community. We provide comprehensive training to the industries.

    Our franchise is dedicated to growth based on our expertise, and hard work. We support them in building their own brand in the market. The market is filled with new challenges, and there are no such challenges that we cannot overcome with mutual effort. 

    We always add a professional and innovative touch to our service. Considering the upgraded technology advancement, Filmshoppee offers unique opportunities to diversify and build new stories in the market. 

    Join us in our exciting journey of success and build your own car facelift studio today.

    Benefits of Joining Us

    The Filmshoppee Franchising System Is Proving Itself With Details and Perfection

    We are the expertise with proven 15 years’ of experience in Automotive aftermarket services. We have collaborated with various multinational brands. We specialized in car wrapping, cosmetic restoration, car soundproofing, sunroof, high-end audio, auto lighting, custom interior, paint protection film, and car detailing services.

    Less investment and high profit

    A professional and innovative approach

    A lower amount of risk with brand reputation

    Support system

    Unique concept for the client's co-ordination

    Make a faster market entry

    Diversifying opportunities

    License Structure and Formalities

    Filmshoppee is the reputed industry name proudly rising nationally. We have highly qualified members that take care of customers’ satisfaction. The high-quality services, dedicated team, and upgrading techniques give the gradual expansion to the brand. Our popularity is growing day by day, and we are proud of our achievements. We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects year on year. 

    We are knee on developing strategic partnerships to advance our success and rise high in the market. We strive to impress our customers by giving a mesmerizing change to their cars. We are the rising name in the industry of car facelift. To inquire about franchise aspects of FilmShoppee, message us on WhatsApp.

    License Fees FOCO/FOFO
    Comprehensive Training90 days
    Technical Support Online
    Email @filmshoppee.com
    Studio displayed on map
    Car DesigningChargeable
    Instagram Account
    Agreement Period 7 Years
    Area exclusivity
    Add campaignsChargeable
    InvestmentDepend on Model
    Product Distributions rightsNO
    Space RequiredDepend on Model