Your Car’s Performance is fine, but

Do Any of the Following Sound Familiar to You?


There are swirl marks on the paint or the paint is cracked/scratched.


The audio output is not exciting


The lights or the bumper are boring or broken


The interiors need a change, or the car smells and needs to be aired before driving


Though you love your car, the look of your car just makes you sad

Revamp Your Car into A Hot New Model at a Fraction of the Cost of a High-End Car with FilmShoppee Car-Facelift Studio

Fall in Love with Your Car Again with Our Amazing Car Facelift Services

Sizzling Style

Soothing Interiors

Attractive Aesthetics

Mordenized Model

Sizzling Style

Soothing Interiors

Attractive Aesthetics

Mordenized Model

Make Them Jealous with the Awareness That Your Car Is Still Sizzling Hot Like an Awe-Inspiring Babe.

Flaunt Your Darling Car Proudly.

5 Years Of Experience

Reimagine Your Ride.

Drive in Style: Give Your Car the Care and Flare It Deserves!

You have been dreaming of giving your car a facelift that will stand out in the crowd and boost the pride that comes with the ownership of stylish wheels. Customizing your car can be costly and take up much time.

 Car customization is a great way to express yourself and stand out. With the help of modern technology, the possibilities are endless when it comes to unique made-to-order rides. Adding a new set of wheels or giving your car a fresh coat of paint can make it look and feel exactly how you want it to. With a customized car, you can experience the thrill and confidence of driving something genuinely unique.

FlimShoppee has the best staff dedicated to providing customers with the best customer service possible. We offer a wide variety of options and designs that can help you customize your vehicle for less with many possibilities.

Car Facelift Services

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Get an Impactful Impression and An Empowered Feel For Your Car!

Why just Crave For Better Appeal and Superior Performance - Our Car Facelift Works Deliver It!

We make visual and functional changes to your car’s exterior and interior for better appeal and superior performance. Our car facelift works wonders in reviving the overall look and feel of your beloved vehicle. Not only do we give your ride a much-needed makeover, but it also adds several other benefits:

Improved aesthetics

 A facelift can dramatically improve your car’s aesthetics, bringing it up to date with the latest designs and styles. With modern touches and sleek finishes, your car can look more visually appealing and catch the attention of everyone on the road.

Improved Functionality

Our car facelift can also enhance the functionality of your vehicle, introducing newer technology, better safety features, and improved fuel efficiency. These functional updates can make a world of difference in your overall driving experience, making it safer, smoother, and more enjoyable.

Enhanced Driving Experience

 Imagine driving in a car with the latest features and updated technology that makes every ride a dream. It’s possible with a car facelift, which can transform your car’s interior and make your driving experience truly exceptional.

Brand differentiation

A refreshed car with a unique and modern look can distinguish itself from other models in the market, making it stand out in a sea of similar vehicles. You’ll feel proud and confident driving a car representing your style and personality.

Better Resale Value

A refreshed car often translates to higher resale value, which can be incredibly advantageous if you plan on selling or trading it in the future. The sleek and updated appearance will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment.

Our car facelift delivers many benefits, from improved aesthetics to enhanced driving experience and brand differentiation. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revive your beloved vehicle. Take the first step towards transforming your car.

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FlimShoppee Is the Best Choice for Car Audio Upgradation Services

Customization Combinations


Happy Customers


FlimShoppee Is the Best Choice for Car Audio Upgradation Services

Years of Service


Brands We Endorse


Happy Customers


Customization Combinations


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Gift Your Car a Fresh New Sizzle

Parts Information

What Parts Do We Upgrade for Exciting Car Facelifts

Aesthetics Exterior




New colours

Stylish Interiors


Audio Upgradation

Performance Enhancers


Trim and air vents

Exhaust Design

Superior Safety

Better Dashboard

Newer technology

Better safety features

What Effects On Our Cars

Tiny Changes Make a Big Impact

Changes to the front, and rear end designs are typically the most prevalent thing and source of the term ‘Facelift’. The difference new lighting and grill can make to a vehicle’s appearance is remarkable. 

At Filmshoppee- the car facelift studio in Surat, the car’s body is first chemically cleaned and rust-proofed after completely drying off. The vehicle’s strength is then increased by screwing the painted body components into the chassis. This process can be time-consuming when the vehicle needs completely new parts to be replaced in place of the old ones. 

Our Detail-Oriented Process

We Ensure We Deliver What Pleases You, All the Time!

Our car facelift service takes great pride in our systematic approach to every project. We use the latest technology, including our cutting-edge 3D configurator, to ensure every aspect of your car’s makeover is expertly planned and executed.


Understand your specific vision for your car, as well as your budget and preferences. 



Develop a customized plan that aligns with your needs and desires.



Employing our 3D configurator, we can create a digital model of your car and experiment with different finishes, colours, and designs until we arrive at the perfect combination. 



Meticulously execute your vision with our exceptional attention to detail and expertise.

Fine Tune


 Fine-tune all the aspects, and pay attention to the details.

Quality Check


 Conduct a thorough quality check.



Final inspection/reinspection to ensure we got everything right. 

Deliver Car

You can trust that we’ll exceed your expectations and deliver a flawless result when you choose our car facelift service.

With the latest car facelift services, FilmShoppee gives your car a new look that will turn heads and fill you with courage and confidence.

Rediscover your ride with a style statement.

Rediscover your ride with a style statement.

With the latest car facelift services, FilmShoppee gives your car a new look that will turn heads and fill you with courage and confidence.

Our team of experts is here to help you transform your car without investing too much time or money!

Book A Free Consultation for a facelift and experience the thrill of driving in style.

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    Do Any of the Following Sound Familiar to You?


    Lalitb Kothari

    Superb experience, the owner, Mr. Ravi Shah and whole staff as well is so cooperative and Courtorious. They perfectly transformed my 5-year-old Honda civic. They installed the best sound system and also did a fantastic job on the exterior

    Creative India Journey

    Best Car facelifting in Vesu Surat. They made my car more beautiful with car lighting, also music system fitting and other small interior work, makes my car superb. Thankyou team Filmshoppee for the work, highly recommended.

    Milan Duva

    One of the best car facelift center in Surat even in all of Gujarat. The have very great experienced mechanics and services. They guided me right from the beginning, provided superb options and helped me give my KIA an amazing facelift.

    Witness the Process in Action

    Discover How 3D Automotive Car Facelift Spices Up Your Car With New Sizzle at Filmshoppee Studio

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    Do Any of the Following Sound Familiar to You?


    It is basically related to up-gradation, modification, and customization of the exterior and interior of your car combined with the addition of new-gen features

    At Filmshoppee we can pretty much facelift every model of car brands like- Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Audi, Jeep, Mahindra, BMW, Mercedez, Volkswagen… and many more. You can contact us at 8155019911 and check with us regarding the facelift of your car  

    Yes, Why not? We can very well facelift your new car and add some unique look to make it eye catchy and different

    Yes, we can facelift your old car. All we would need to know is the quality of the car engine if that is in the desired condition we can proceed further with the facelifting process

    we first understand your requirements, get an idea about your budget and provide you 2d and 3d designs with respective quotations once you approve the design we get started with the process, and once completed we test drive the car to rectify any errors and finally hand over the car to you. 

    The cost of facelifting entirely depends on various factors the most important- your requirements and budget, we can surely give you options based on your budget. However, the basic cost of a facelift is Rs _______ 


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