PPF (paint protection film) is a thermoplastic urethane film, applied on paint to protect your car from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasion. PPF is applied to the painted surfaces of a new or old automobile to shield the paint from stone chips, insect splatters, & minor abrasions. The usage of this film is widespread, including on screens in cars, motorbikes, RVs, cell phones, electronics, and other vehicles.

How is PPF beneficial for your Car?

A fantastic benefit of PPF coating on your automobile is that it shields the body paint from dings caused by little collisions, abrasions, and rock chips and keeps it in almost immaculate condition for years.

Paint protection films are unquestionably a top competitor in terms of durability. While paint protection films aren't impervious to harm entirely, they frequently contain self-healing qualities that cause many surface-level scratches to fade over time.

Additionally, a PPF does a great job of avoiding damage from rock chips. So it is really good and highly recommended for damage protection.

Cleaning is simpler with PPF films than it is even with ordinary paints thanks to a specific water-repellent coating on the surface

The PPF shields the vehicle's surface paint from a variety of hazardous chemical elements that often come into contact with it, such as air pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, etc

PPFs are also very beneficial to protect your vehicle from bird dropping marks and other similar damage

Process of installing ppf in car At Filmshoppee

The first step to install the PPF is to clean the car or any vehicle you want to apply the PPF to.

After cleaning the car, the clay bar is placed and moved through the surface thoroughly.

The next step is to polish the vehicle after it has been properly washed and clay bar has been applied to it.

The next step is to cut the PPF. Position the PPF correctly by laying it on an installation surface that has already been cleaned.

The next thing we do is to spray water and shampoo to the adhesive side of the PPF before slowly removing the liner film

Then finally, we install the PPF. To shape the film around curved surfaces, firmly pull and stretch the material & to leverage the PPF film's elasticity to stretch the material without using any heat. Use the steamer to prevent wrinkles, and a gentle squeeze initially, followed by a strong squeeze, to prevent water marks.

After installation, trim any surplus PPF fill from the area's edge & wash the area & remove any leftover soap solution to prevent water stains last dry the surface with a soft towel.

Our Packages


The front and rear bumper corners of the cars will have the PPF applied as part of this package. The paint protection film is more advantageous because it also covers the bonnets.


Preserve Package’s successor is the Guard Package. The PPF is applied to the customer’s car’s bumper corners, bonnets, and fender as part of this package.


With this PPF treatment, we coat the whole automobile with PPF, including all of the crucial components like the bumpers. the front and rear bonnets, the bumper, the sides, etc. The whole body of the car is coated with PPF in this package, making it the most effective of all the options.

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Why filmshoppee for car ppf

What People Say

Got webasto sunroof installed on my Baleno and it’s look fantastic. Installations Work was handled with great professionalism… Got some glitches in the process but they had handled it with great service attitude… 

Got webasto sunroof installed on my Baleno and it’s look fantastic. Installations Work was handled with great professionalism… Got some glitches in the process but they had handled it with great service attitude… 

Got webasto sunroof installed on my Baleno and it’s look fantastic. Installations Work was handled with great professionalism… Got some glitches in the process but they had handled it with great service attitude… 



We’ve tried our best to answer the most frequently asked questions around Pain Protected Film (PPF). If you feel there are questions that have remained unanswered or want more detailed information on certain subjects please feel free to contact us and we would love to help you.

Paint protection film produces an imperceptibly transparent barrier between the surface and the rigors of daily life. As a result, the surface beneath stays in brand-new condition for years, looking as though the car had just rolled out of the showroom. It has a greater gloss level than the paint and guards against scratches and swirls when the car is washed As a result, it is almost invisible. However, the paint is unaffected by stone chips and scratches, and that is what counts. PPF is tough and absorbs any damage that rocks, gravel, branches, and desert sand may cause to the paint. PPF is effective at preventing 90% of routine paint damage.

The whole cost of PPF depends on various factors like the amount of film required to cover selected parts or full car, Car model, your budget, vehicle condition etc. We would request you to consult with us to get the exact cost

This entirely depends on the product that you have decided to install. Here at Filmshoppee, we recommend and install only the best-grade film that comes with the manufacturer warranty. A large part of the longevity of PPF depends also on car
storage and driving habits.

Yes, Why not? The paint protection film will help you with protection and ceramic coating will give your car the sharp finishing look

Yes, One of the best benefits of protecting your car with PPF is that its completely replaceable, if your vehicle sustains some road damage the PPF will absorb the damage to the best of its ability. Rather than painting the whole affected area, simply the PPF can be removed and replaced. PPF can be reinstalled to all the panels that are affected.

newly installed PPF is not to be washed for 7 days, after that regular washing and frequent waxing would pretty much do the work and keep your film in the best condition

PPF can be applied to every single place which is professionally painted. Example:
Bonnet, Trunk, Doors, Mirrors, and Bumpers.

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