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Restoration with Lots of Emotions: A Heart-warming Gift for a 10-Year-Old Car Enthusiast

restoration of 16 years old cedia

In the world of car restoration, we’ve had the privilege of working on numerous projects, but few have touched our hearts like this one. A loving father wanted to gift his 10-year-old son his dream car, and we were honored to be a part of this special journey.

The Client’s Need

The client’s requirement was simple yet sentimental – to restore a car that his young son had fallen in love with. The twist? The son had also chosen the car’s color, making this project even more personal. Our team understood the emotional value of this gift and was determined to deliver a car that would exceed the son’s expectations.

We embarked on a comprehensive restoration process, covering both the exterior and interior of the car. Our goal was to create a safe, stylish, and comfortable ride for the young enthusiast.

Exterior Restoration

We began by addressing the exterior, focusing on:

– Dent repair to remove any imperfections

– Rust repair to ensure the car’s longevity

– New tyres for improved grip and safety

– Negative offset alloys for a sleek, sporty look

– Added spoiler and splitter for enhanced aerodynamics

Interior Restoration

Moving on to the interior, we aimed to create a cozy and premium atmosphere:

– Full black interior with velvet touch door pads for a luxurious feel

– Doors dampened for added strength and safety

– Sony brand infotainment system for an immersive audio experience

– Roof wrapped in velvet fabric for a unique, stylish touch


After months of meticulous work, the car was transformed into a stunning, head-turning vehicle. The son’s eyes widened with excitement as he saw his dream car come to life. The father’s joy was palpable, knowing he had given his child a gift that would create lifelong memories.


At the end, this project reminded us that car restoration is not just about fixing vehicles; it’s about crafting experiences that bring people together. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of this heart-warming story and look forward to many more projects that touch our hearts.

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