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Aftermarket Panoramic sunroof Installation in Tata Hexa

panoramic sunroof installed tata hexa top view

Panoramic sunroof

Tata Motors does not offer a sunroof with the Hexa SUV, Customers love to have an airy feeling in their car, thus rivals like Ford EcoSport and Mahindra XUV300 do offer the popular feature. The domestic carmaker has the option to exclude the sunroof from the list of available options for the Harrier, but not for Hexa. Due to their ease of use and, in most cases, ability to be retracted at the push of a button, automatic sunroofs are much more convenient than manual ones.

A few benefits of opting for a panoramic sunroof are

  • Adds to the beauty of your car
  • Enjoy the benefit of an airy cabin
  • Providing another emergency exists
  • Act as an electricity saver
  • May fetch you a higher price when reselling


The sunroof has become popular among Indian automobile owners, and many of them would not purchase a vehicle without one. But many automobile companies does not give pre-installed sunroof, hence people opt for aftermarket sunroof and bring their cars at Filmshoppee

Panoramic sunroof is meant to give you a crystal panoramic view of the sky above, Typically panoramic sunroof glass panel comprises two parts. The glass panel above the front row slides and opens, but the other glass panel, which is located above the back seats, is set in place.

Installation of the Panoramic sunroof in Tata Hexa

Installing Aftermarket Panoramic Sunroof in Tata Hexa was one of the most special and the most challenging projects for our team of engineers at Filmshoppee– Car facelift Studio. We were very confident that we will make it happen in the least possible time with the most precision.


During the whole process of cutting the roof of the car, we made sure that all the processes is followed systemically leaving no scope for error, we made sure to give it the best finishing touch so that customer doesn’t have to face any problems at all.


Checkout the video to see the whole project and don’t miss what our customer had to say about our work at Filmshoppee- Car Facelift Studio

With Filmshoppee your car is always in safe hands!


For installing Aftermarket Sunroof or Moonroof please feel free to contact Filmshoppee- Car Facelift Studio at +91 81550 19911 or send an email to

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