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Car modification is a way of changing the primary car into a more innovative creation. Customized cars are a craze that is now also developing in India. Driving a custom Car is more visible than driving a luxury car. Do you also want to have the best car modification? We at Facelift offer unique ideas and help you to stand out from the public. Below are some of the services that you will get on this platform.

Following are the services that we at Filmshoppee offer you

Designing Cars as per Clients’ Needs

At facelift, customers can avail of modifications service as per their customization. Since modification is an expensive affair, picking out which component of a vehicle you want to modify is vital to save a lot of bucks on such kinds of modifications. You might have different expectations and requirements regarding modifications, which may vary from one another. We Facelift offers customized modification options to ensure you get the best results.

Taking advantage of this, you will achieve what you need. Even though modification gives the car of your choice a better look than you can dream of, saving money for the future should be a deep consideration. That being said, organizing what you need within a budget will help to change the car’s appearance and save a lot of bucks. With our customized features in the facelift, the driving experience will be enhanced no matter whether the modification belongs to expensive cars like Thar or cheap cars like Swift.

Custom Interior

Interior is the primary aspect that has a positive or negative impact on the riding experience of the rider. Keeping this in mind, we ensure to give an attractive look to the interiors of your car. Furthermore, since cars will witness any travel, making the trips unforgettable and valuable is essential. To do this, we provide a comfortable space in the form of a seat by adding some quality material like leather.

Sitting on such seats will provide the utmost comfort and safety to you as well as your traveling companions. In addition to modifying the seats, you can choose the best-handcrafted steering wheel options on our website.

Best of all, you can choose from a variety of designs in steering covers that can improve your grip and comfort and also enhance the aesthetic value of the car. Furthermore, the modification service offered in Facelift is not limited to just two things, as we also offer modified door panels, dashboards, and many more accessories.

Exterior Wrap or Paint

Modification also comprises external wrapping, commonly called paint. This will not only provide that shiny yet new look of your car but also provide better protection against UV damage and damage. If you own a car, you can better understand how a car’s value depreciates over time. Providing a new coating to the exterior through facelift service not only brings it back to its original look but also quickly increases the selling price. Fortunately, we have a wrapping service for both the specific part and the entire body of the car

Add Body Kits

If you’ve done car modification before, you can better understand the importance of car body kits. It will basically include side skirts, front and rear bumpers, wing mirrors, and a spoiler. Using customized car modification services in facelifts gives all car owners a chance to improve the overall look of their car, as we also add body kits.

For those who are on a tight budget or cannot afford body kits, we provide lip body kits to them. Adding this to the car includes a lip spoiler which will make the vehicle appear more modified and protect from scratches. In addition to these two kits, we also have a bumper kit that will give character and weight to a simple look. Still not satisfied? So, why shouldn’t you add a full-body kit or a wide-body kit? You must try these kits. Note: The materials used for these kits typically include carbon fiber, polyurethane, fiberglass, and more.

Add lightings

Car modification without lighting changes is like a cake without a cherry. Since there are so many lighting options available in the facelift, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Also, you can completely modify the car headlights by replacing them with new ones or adding some spice to them.

Ample lights are available for different conditions, for example, fog lights for the winter season and hazard lights for dark areas. Daytime running lights or courtesy lights may also be a better option for some riders. Installing courtesy lights would be an excellent option if you want a great view while driving inside. But, if you want your car to look more beautiful and unique, look for the best car light tint.

Modified front grills

In our customized modification, you can also ask for a front grilles modification. Doing so will help protect your car’s engine and radiator. Also, it will allow air to pass through nicely. As a result, it will help your car manage the flow of heat, which is a limiting factor of speed. Upfront grilles will give it a spectacular look. A significant benefit of adding them is that it will protect the car from damage and increase its resale value.

Customized performance of the car

High performance while driving is a common thing that most riders want. To improve the performance of the car, the facelifted Book offers wheel alignment, ECU remapping, intake improvements, and braking system upgrades. Not only this, but we can also add tires which will help in balancing.

Enhance infotainment with the latest features

To make the car look classy and modern, you have to install infotainment while modifying the car. The term infotainment refers to the upgraded touchscreen system feature which is in-built into the dashboard. Installing it in an older model not only upgrades the car but also allows you to enhance the musical experience while traveling in the mountains. As an affordable option, we also have the basic infotainment system, which includes services like Bluetooth connectivity, radio, satellite navigation, etc.

Upgrade stock speakers

There would hardly be any person who does not enjoy listening to songs while traveling by car. But what if you have to travel in a car that does not have good-quality speakers? In such a case, you should opt for premium speakers with having a high base. Though making changes to the stock speakers is quite expensive, it will help in boosting the sound quality.


Over the years, car modification has come into the limelight. Not only regular riders but professional riders and car enthusiasts also want to upgrade their four vehicles as much as possible with modified versions. Transforming a dull or old version into a new one will create an exciting premium look and, at the same time, make it stand out from the rest. At Facelift, we provide you with the best car modification services. Keeping in mind every need of the riders, we have different modification services in facelifts, from changing lights to adding a front grille to custom interiors.

We at Filmshoppee- Car Facelift Studio, not only modify and customize cars but also sell second-hand facelifted cars, which include all the best upgradation possible in the 2nd hand cars that come in our studio, for more details feel free to call us at +91 81550 19911 or drop us mail at [email protected]

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