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Introducing the Luxe Ride Experience: Your Innova Crysta Elevated! surat,gujarat

Introducing the Luxe Ride Experience

At the intersection of innovation and customization stands our meticulously tailored Innova Crysta, expertly crafted to redefine your travel experience. Meet the epitome of comfort and style as we unveil the masterpieces brought to life by our skilled artisans.

Features that Redefine Comfort:

  1. Reclining Seats: Unwind in style with two luxurious reclining seats that promise ultimate comfort. Equipped with climate control and a massage leg rest, these seats transform your drive into a soothing retreat.

Innovative Highlights:

  1. Aircraft-Style Lights or Roof: Experience the ambiance of first-class travel with aircraft-style lights on the roof. The creative illumination adds a touch of sophistication, turning your vehicle into a personal sanctuary.
  2. 6-Way Electric Seat: Effortless adjustments are at your fingertips with the G-Way electric seat feature. Find your perfect driving position seamlessly, ensuring a customized and comfortable ride.
  3. Wireless Charger: Stay connected on the go with the convenience of a built-in wireless charger. Keep your devices powered up effortlessly, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Luxury Meets Style:

  1. Customized Mats: Personalize your vehicle’s interiors with custom-designed mats, adding a touch of uniqueness to the space.
  2. Super Comfort Captain Size Seat: The captain-size seat is not just a seat; it’s a throne of opulence. Revel in the super comfort it provides, making every drive a celebration of luxury.
  3. Leather Covers: Indulge in sumptuous luxury with leather covers that exude sophistication. The interiors are adorned with elegance, making your journey a statement of style.
  4. Perforated Design or Cover: Every detail matters, and the perforated design or cover adds an extra layer of style to the interiors. This subtle yet impactful touch showcases our dedication to perfection.


Behind these crafted masterpieces are the skilled hands of our dedicated team:

  • Electrician Extraordinaire – Munir Shaikh:

    Munir Saikh
A maestro in electrical wizardry, Munir Saikh ensures every innovation within your Innova Crysta comes to life seamlessly.

  • Welding and Denting Virtuoso – Zubin:
    Crafting perfection with metal, Zubin ensures that the structure of your Innova Crysta is robust and impeccable.
  • Lining Maestro – Raju Bhai:
    With an eye for precision, Raju Bhai lines every detail of your vehicle, adding the finishing touch to the interior’s aesthetics.
  • Painting Prodigy – Sanu Koli: Sanu Koli adds the final stroke of brilliance, bringing vibrancy and allure to your customized Innova Crysta.sanu koli

Embark on a journey where every mile is an experience, and every detail is crafted with passion. Welcome to the world of personalized luxury – your upgraded Innova Crysta awaits!


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