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Rapid paint service

Rapid Paint Service

Introducing Rapid paint service

Having scratch in your car and need a solution to get it repaired rapidly without wasting much time? The Rapid Paint Service is one such way through which you can get the original look and feel of your car back which is exactly similar to what original paint looks like. In this process, consumers usually try to avail insurance and pay hefty charges and they even can’t claim a No claim Bonus which brings the cost equal to that of getting it repaired through rapid paint service. In this blog, we will discuss some of the aspects of Rapid Paint Service by Filmshopppe. Continue reading it to know interesting things about Rapid Paint Service for your car scratches.

Fast Paint Job – Accurate Workmanship with the Help of Fast Dry Filler and Clear Coat

The workmanship is the core element when it comes to doing a finished work in Rapid Paint Service. It offers fast drying fillers and clear coat finishes which provides weather resistance to UV radiation, rainfall and other environmental factors. Fillers are used for filling small imperfections while clear coat is used for protecting surfaces from dirt, scratches and other contaminants.


How Rapid Painting Works – Why Choose Filmshoppee for Rapid Scratch Repair

Looking for a solution to all your scratch problems and want the original look of your car back? Look no further than Rapid Painting work which has the amazing features which are as follows:


Usage of 1000 Sanding for Cutting Time to Get Work Finished Fast

The Sanding is done on a metal surface before performing the painting work. Filmshoppee uses Sanding Paper which can be used in metal surfaces and gives the best foundation for performing paint jobs.

IR Lamp for Fast Drying 

Using IR Lamp for fast drying saves time as it dries up the primer and clear coat much quickly. The IR Lamp system offers reliability and performance which ensures controllability of factors like humidity, temperature, air flow system, etc. to get best results.

Car Polishing One Hour After Clear Coat

The whole idea of Rapid Paint is that it offers a reliable solution to performing repair of small dents and scratches. This also makes it possible to do car polishing just one hour after performing the clear coat.

 No Need to Avail Insurance

With Rapid Paint Service, one can just get the repairing done for 2 to 3 pieces of dents or scratches without looking for insurance service. The insurance service usually takes a lot of time as it involves lengthy procedures which might waste a lot of your time. The cost of rapid paint service is quite negligible.

   Insurance Repair v/s Rapid Paint Service

The car lovers should go with this service as insurance repairs have longer lead times. With the Rapid Paint service, you can get your car delivered in 1 to 2 days which is quite early as compared to insurance repairing. So it is recommended that you choose Rapid Paint Service over accidental repairs.


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