car Facelift

What is car facelift?

What Is Car Facelift

car facelift 

We provide the car facelift facility which indicates a minimal alteration to a model that typically also occurs with a change in the model year. The front and back bumpers are redesigned using the best of the methods. It may also involve a headlight, back door, front fenders, and taillights. In order to keep our customers from becoming tired of the same old design we make sure it is less expensive than constructing a new generation of cars.

What Include in car facelift

Exterior wrap or paint: We provide exterior wrap or paint, which is a safer alternative since it can be removed fully without damaging the paint below and because it will preserve the paint until the wrap is taken off.

Modification with metal, fibre sheets, or carbon fibre sheets: Additionally, we provide the option to alter cars with metals, fibre sheets, etc. Any car’s exterior may be given a sleek, extravagant look by applying carbon fibre vinyl, which we provide.

Alloy wheels: We also provide the option of switching out the stock car wheels for alloy ones. Because alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, cars ride better and use less fuel. Additionally, alloy wheels look far nicer than steel wheels.

Tyre upgrades: In addition to that we also facilitate our customers with tyre upgrades. To provide a car the best of both worlds in terms of improving performance dynamics, improving fuel efficiency, providing a more pleasant ride, and reducing road noise, we offer a standard size of tyre and wheel rim on a car.

Interior seats and Choice interior color: By offering the greatest interior seats that make your car seem opulent at the best costs, we also help to add to the fantastic interior of your car, in the color of your own choice.

Facilities: We also provide many other facilities to facelift your cars such as a recliner, climate control, electric seat, massager, audio enhancement, sunroof, and sound proofing, at the best prices.

Customization options: The customers get a wide range of options to choose from for their car facelift, along with the customization as per their needs and requirements.

Performance upgrades – engine remap, performance exhaust system:

While it still takes some curiosity and zeal to investigate your car’s remapping choices, the methods used in the industry are becoming better known, and the advantages of a remap are becoming more widely recognized. Therefore, even if you’re not completely familiar with the idea of remapping, it’s likely you already know that it entails changing the software that regulates how the engine delivers its performance. Utilizing remapping goods and knowledge from a seasoned and respected source is the best course of action in this case.

We atFilmshoppee- Car Facelift Studio, not only modify and customize cars but also sell second-hand facelifted cars, which include all the best upgradation possible in the 2nd hand cars that come in our studio, for more details feel free to call us at +91 81550 19911 or drop us mail at

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