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What Is ppf? Is ppf worth it All About PPF blog

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF) and is PPF worth your investment?

A thin, flexible layer of material known as “paint protection film”  is applied over a car’s body panels to shield them from scratch marks, road debris, and other external factors that damage cars original paint. Even low-speed scrapes or use of fabric that would often scratch and scar the gloss of your car’s paint can be prevented by this kind of protective layer.

i.e. It is a clear protective film that wraps around any painted external surface of your car to lessen the chance of paint deterioration.

You may probably come across paint protection films or ceramic coatings as choices to safeguard your car’s paint if you recently bought one. Even if the cost is what most people consider to be the main factor in their durability concerns, PPF delivers outstanding value for the money.


Car paint protection at Filmshoppee

The components of your car go beyond its four wheels, suspension, body, and engine. It’s a sizeable investment and an expression of who you are. Maintaining it is therefore a very good investment.

The last thing you would want to deal with is paint damage, whether you own a premium car, a classic car, or you’ve just acquired your first ride. The value of your paint could be diminished by defects like rock chips, tiny scratches, and swirl marks.


It’s important to remember that paint protection film upkeep can affect how long your paint lasts and how well the paint works. The main function is to safeguard the paint surface and any other materials where it has been applied.


Should you get PPF done on your new car?

Yes. Since the major goal of protective paint films is to maintain the quality of what’s underneath by protecting it from UV exposure, chemicals, light scratches, toxins, and road filth, now is actually the perfect time to apply PPF, also known as Paint Protection Film.


Is PPF Harmful to New Car Paint?

Applying this kind of material to your new car is absolutely safe. Because of its safe application, most consumers of paint protection film choose to use this kind of protective coating rather than ceramic coatings, or any other method of car protection at Filmshoppee.

PPF at Filmshoppee- Best Facelift Studio in Vesu, Surat.

The clear paint protection film goes through a multi-stage installation process during which it is fitted, cut, put, and finally activated by a liquid spray by highly skilled professionals at our car facelift studio. A squeegee will be used by the installer to help apply the film to the painted surface. The glue fails at this point.


If water gets through the top layer, some vinyl materials or low-quality protective coatings with cheap adhesives will become very sticky. In fact, vinyl wraps are used for this more frequently than you may imagine.


The Benefits of Applying PPF to your new Automobile from Filmshoppee,Surat.

There are various benefits to take into account if you decide to get paint protection film to keep the paint and other components of your new vehicle in pristine condition.


Gives a fine finish to your new car

While certain PPFs may enhance your car’s sheen, PPF services at filmshoppee is offered in gloss or matte finishes.

Superior resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

Filmshoppee provides with rapid healing protection films have four layers of substance injected into them, each of which acts as a barrier to prevent dangerous contaminants or chemicals from penetrating. Additionally, we offer great stain protection and minimises paint deterioration from stone chips.

Minor scratches instantly recover.

Self-healing capabilities are included in the automobile paint protection service at Filmshoppee.

High-temperature resistance

Filmshoppee technology contributes to a heat barrier that prevents UV and IR radiation from penetrating to the materials on the surface of the car. This special function prevents headlights from fogging up or fading, maintaining your visibility while driving.


A PPF installation on the front end is a fantastic, affordable option to think about if you frequently trade in your car every few years and want to have the best trade-in value. Consider a full vehicle installation or a PPF for specific coating combination if you intend to maintain the car for a long period. In addition, PPF is less expensive than you might think, especially if you have a new car that needs less paint repair or prep work.


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