Team building process at filmshoppee

Team building process at filmshoppee


A better business model is to value people.

Investing time, attention, and other resources in your team members can aid in the development of a people-centered culture. Employees are more likely to be thoughtful about the business when business leaders value their employees’ time and effort to the point that it’s ingrained in the company’s identity.

So, where do you begin? The key to success is to maximise staff involvement. Your organization’s strongest assets are people who are engaged and thinking critically about how to enhance the business.

At Filmshoppee, we believe good teamwork is linked to higher levels of engagement, productivity, creativity, and satisfaction.


The Team building process for team retention at Filmshoppee

At Filmshoppee, we consider team as our greatest asset and have devoted our major focus on team hiring & training them to make them a skilled set for effective and efficient results to match top notch industry standards.

The Filmshoppee business model works as follows:

  • The journey of any engineer skilled or non-skilled starts with being a helper.
  • With proper training and experience, our team climbs the hierarchy towards being a master.
  • Master is the highest level of hierarchy at Filmshoppee, but to become one is not a piece of cake
  • As we believe in teamwork, in order to become a master, a helper must teach others. Thus, you can become a master only when you improve your own set of skills but also help other juniors learn, implement and supervise the work under you in order to attain the most famous title master and also avail its perks.



A master at Filmshoppee gets a company gift which is a car and also an opportunity for him to customize his own car at Filmshoppee Studio.

What’s more?

We provide the right incentives at the right time, that is what makes us the best in business.

For our employees who go from helper to master at filmshoppee and dedicate 7 years of their time at filmshoppee are handsomely rewarded with bonus of Rs.10 Lakh to buy them a house.


We rise, we fail, we learn, we succeed at Filmshoppee

Work out on skill technician: Weather a skilled or unskilled engineer, we make sure that technicians are highly-skilled and deliver the best work.

Our learning: 16 years of experience, more than 50 technicians trained, and one successful franchise later. We have cracked the code towards a successful car facelift studio.

Give right payment, right rewards & right training: We work with right incentives at the right time with proper training model to achieve what we call as a successful car customisation studio.

More focus on hiring: We just don’t focus on hiring skilled workers but we focus on hiring people who are passionate and have the will to work. Provided training with the will to work brings out the best desired results at Filmshoppee as well as brings out the best in the worker.


Presenting our Master Technician at Filmshoppee- we gifted him a CAR!

Watch the full video on our youtube channel and get to see how we gifted our Master Technician a car for himself.

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