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Filmshoppee Bags the Pride of Gujarat Awards 2022-23!

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FilmShoppee Car Facelift Studio Bags the Pride of Gujarat Awards 2022-23!

FilmShoppee Car Facelift studio has been awarded the Pride of Gujarat Award 2022-23 by Divya Bhaskar! We are on cloud nine to announce that Your Car Studio, FilmShoppee has won the ‘Excellent Car Customization Studio’ title and has bought pride to Surat once again.

The Best Car Customization Studio in Surat, Gujarat: The FilmShoppee Car Facelift Studio!

FilmShoppee Car Facelift is a Car Customization Studio at an award-winning level, thanks to your love and support. We are pleased to inform you that we use the latest technology to give your car a facelift. We detect imperfections in your car and use the latest 3D technology to create custom designs based on that information, such as scratches, dents, paint fade, and so much more.

FilmShoppee car facelift studio specializes in keeping your car young by modifying the interiors, exterior, and body styling. We have gained our reputation through design and quality workmanship.

What Makes the FilmShoppee Car Facelift Stand Out in a Crowd?

We cater to all car facelift aspects and specialize in car PPF and ceramic coatings. What makes the FilmShoppee facelift stand out in a crowd is the creativity and dedication that goes into every detail of the work. We take on projects like restoring classic cars to hybrid SUVs, making them look better than new with custom design elements and sophisticated colors. We offer various services, including interior design, metal fabrication and painting, composite fabrication, color matching and automotive facelift, audio upgradation, and more. Our services include everything from a quick paint touch-up to a car remodel.

The FilmShoppee team consists of a group of young and talented professionals passionate about cars and combined their professional experience to create a customizing company with an old-world style. We have been working together for years and are now progressing towards being one of India’s most influential car customization and facelift studios.

The Present Scenario of Car Facelift Business in India

The car facelift business in India is a growing industry as car owners become increasingly conscious of the appearance and maintenance of their vehicles. A car facelift involves thoroughly cleaning and restoring a vehicle’s exterior and interior to restore it to a like-new condition.

In recent years, car facelift has become more prevalent in India, with many car owners seeking professional facelift services to maintain their vehicles. The demand for car facelift services is exceptionally high among luxury car owners who want to pristine their high-end vehicles. Furthermore, with technological advancements, car facelift businesses may incorporate more advanced techniques such as ceramic coatings, paint protection films, and paint correction services. These advanced services may appeal to luxury car owners who want to protect their investments.

In addition, the increasing focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability in India will likely drive demand for eco-friendly car facelift services. Car facelift businesses may incorporate more sustainable practices, such as eco-friendly cleaning products and recycling water.

The future of the car facelift business in India looks bright as the Indian economy continues to grow and more people can afford cars. The Indian automotive industry is also evolving, with car manufacturers introducing more advanced and sophisticated models that require specialized care.

The car facelift business in India is a growing industry with a bright future. As the Indian automotive industry continues to evolve, and consumer demands for specialized care and eco-friendly practices increase, car facelift businesses will likely play an increasingly important role in the automotive ecosystem.

Car Facelift Businesses – How does the industry work?

Car facelift or car facelift is a $7.6 billion industry with a good profit margin. Services offered range from basic paint cleaning to facelift engine components and trim. The market for this service is constantly increasing as more people are informed about the importance of care for their vehicles to maintain the resale value and ensure safety on the road. The process requires professional equipment (laboratory, workstations), advertising efforts, awareness building, and increasingly demanding skills.

Car Facelift Business in India – The Right Time to Start One is NOW!?

Car facelift business setup requires 25 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs of investment. However, the return on investment can be worth it for the right person who knows where to start. For a car facelift business, one would need an industry leader as a mentor to gain experience and get mentored at every step. Business development can be tricky alone but worthwhile when done with guidance. FilmShoppee is currently accepting franchise applications and providing handholding to set up the franchise for Car facelift studios across India. Interested in being part of the Award-winning business? Grab this opportunity and Inquire Now before the application closes!


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